Seminar Vegetarian, Mg 18 Mei 2014,13:00 @ Mall Emporium,Jakarta

Date:18 May 2014, 13:00 Ages: Price: Type: Location:

Berbagi Kebahagiaan di bulan Waisak,
Hadiri Perayaan Waisak & Festival Vegetarian Food tgl 13-18 Mei 2014 di Mall Emporium Pluit dgn rangkaian acara;

16 Mei pkl 13:00 WIB Lomba bercerita (umur 6-15Thn daftar Ongreni 02136099335/083895971999), Dhamma talk Ayya Santini pkl 18:00WIB;

17 Mei pkl 11:00 WIB Kebaktian Waisak bersama YM Bhante Saddhanyano Mahathera & Anggota Sangha Agung Indonesia dilanjutkan launching album Tribute to ibu UP Prajnaparamita by Boddhiland & Namaste;

18Mei pkl 13:00WIB Seminar Vegetarian & perform dari MARCELL;

Disediakan hadiah buat anak2 (15 – 16 Mei). Be there, be happy :) Thx for reading and Please help to share. With Metta, Anumodana.

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